Editorial Counsel

We let you focus on your business- leaving the written word to us. We blend art, words and ingenuity to create your story- The story of your success!

We are a professional writing and editing service that helps you wield the power of the pen. We review and update your writings with a detective’s eye to look closely for the missing dots on your i’s and the lines across your t’s to make sure your writing style is in agreement with formatting guidelines, referencing and citations and of course for the content as well.

Our content creation services make sure that the content crafted by us is not just crisp, concise and valuable to your readers but makes them genuinely interested in reading it and help you establish the right connects with people. Our editing services ensure that it is error free and plagiarism free and generates the appeal you desire. Stale content can be a huge turnoff and we ensure fresh and whacky ideas to keep your readers engrossed.

Writing meaningful and sustainable work that stays with the reader long after its put away requires a deep understanding of the business, its target customers and its competition. Professionals at Mod Print Design make sure they churn out content that caters to a highly active reader base and delights them with powerful memories, leaving no room for passive readers. With the perfect amalgamation of newfangled creativity with the power of digital systems, we keep you abreast of the latest social media updates, product reviews or blog updates on your site. We create stories that get people to connect- They may laugh, or cry or yelp with them, whatever the accompanying emotion is, but will surely associate with them. Creating such a relationship with your customers with our words is our commitment.

We offer

  • Search Engine Optimization- Higher Rankings, Higher Visibility and of course higher Traffic.
  • Ad words and PPC Campaigns- To help you reach the right audience faster
  • Search Re- Marketing- Re-establish your old connects with those customers who browsed your site without initiating any transaction by showing your ads frequently to prospective customers enticing them to buy your products.