The printed word has undergone a metamorphosis and so have we. With upbeat technology at our disposal and the magical touch we add to each one of our printed solutions, we stop short of delivering nothing less than multi-faceted, multi- channel campaigns that adorn the traditional and print media to give us the extra edge that our competitors have been striving so hard to get. We aren’t limited to traditional formats only and paint the town red with our exclusive contemporary printed matter. Our design studio addresses all your printing needs- from brochures, catalogues, company profiles, calendars and coffee table books, packaging materials. We offer printing solutions in.

  • Offset – For your bulk requirements, we offer you highly cost effective solutions with superior image quality, wide range of printing surfaces in high volume jobs.
  • Digital – For your quick and snappy needs, digital printing gives you the benefit of personalizing your needs. Digital printing gives the opportunity to print different texts or images wherein each sheet off the press can be customized in a particular way. For a shorter turnaround period and with a variety of data printing requirements, digital printing proves to be highly cost effective and beneficial.
  • Foil
  • Plasto
  • Laser
  • Laser
  • Flex
  • Vinyl

Publishing Services

Mod Print Design is a power house in book design industry. It has a strength of over 300 highly skilled and qualified professionals which also includes authors, editors, illustrators, graphic designers animators and pencil artists etc. We fulfill all imaging needs of publishers publishing children books. We provide all publishing solutions under one roof i.e. from content writing to printing of books. We provide following services under this category.

  1. COPY RIGHT SERVICE - At Mod Print Design you keep 100% of your rights as we provide copyright. You’ll receive the source files for everything we create for you.
  2. PRINT RIGHT SERVICE - We have our own collection of books prepared by us for that we provide print right. Following are the books prepared by us.